Meeting to Stay “On Track” by Focusing on Five Sub-Specialties

Given the number of professionals attending the 2017 annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and the Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals (ARHP), as well as the range of sub-specialties represented by attendees, the conference will be organized into five tracks: (1) educators, (2) pediatric rheumatologists, (3) health professionals, (4) practice managers and (5) fellows-in-training. Below are a few highlights from each track.


“This year, the educator sessions will focus on two main themes—how to teach and incorporate basic science into medical education effectively, and tools for advancement in medical education careers,” said Eli Miloslavsky, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital. These include sessions on “Spicing up Science Education: How to Effectively Incorporate Science into Med Ed” and “Building a Career as a Clinician Educator: Tools for Success.” The Educators track will also provide a “Medical Education Year in Review.”


The pediatrics-focused sessions will of course appeal to those who treat children and adolescents, but also practitioners who see adult patients who have had undiagnosed conditions since childhood.

Highlights in this track include “Pediatric Vasculitis: Insights from ARCHiVE and ADA2 Deficiency,” which will explore a condition just beginning to be researched and understood, and “What Can We Learn From Monogenic Interferonopathies?

Health Professionals

Many disciplines will be represented at the meeting, including nurses, physician assistants, researchers, epidemiologists, psychologists, sociologists, office managers and rehabilitation specialists. To keep up with the always-changing landscape off patient care, they will attend sessions such as a pharma update that reviews new indications and recent approvals, and a session on “Cannabis in Society & Medical Practice.” Another popular session will be “Immunology Boot Camp.”

Practice Managers

Colin C. Edgerton, MD, of Articularis Healthcare, said the meeting will offer practice managers “the most up-to-date legislative and regulatory information,” with sessions such as “Refocus Your Practice: Innovation, Improvement & Insights,” as well as presentations on biosimilars, and contracting.


Cutting-edge clinical and basic science will be presented for those planning a career as a clinical educator, physician scientist or clinical expert in private practice.

This track will feature a presentation on evaluating complicated patients in the hospital, a discussion about mentorship, a “Jeopardystyle Knowledge Bowl,” and a “Great Debate” on biosimilars.